Reinhard Achenbach
University of Münster

Prof. Reinhard Achenbach is Professor for Old Testament at the University of Münster. He did his doctoral work at the University of Göttingen and his Habilitation at the University of Munich. He is the author of, Israel between promise and commandment. Literary-Critical Studies of Deuteronomy 5-11 (German 1991); The Completion of the Torah: Studies on the Editorial History of the Book of Numbers in the Context of the Hexateuch and Pentateuch (German, 2003), and Torah in the Persian Period: Collected Studies on Theology and Legal History of Judah (German, forthcoming), and is co-editor of Torah in the Hebrew Bible: Studies on the History of Redaction and the Synchronic Logic of Diachronic Transformations (German, 2007). Achenbach has been a member of the Cluster of Excellency on Religion and Politics at the University of Münster since 2007.

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