“It Is a Time to Act for the Lord, They Make Void Your Torah”

It takes courage to stand up for truth in the face of dismissal.

Dr. Rabbi

Jeremy Rosen

In the Footsteps of Yaʿabetz

Like the biblical Yaʿabetz, as interpreted by the rabbis, TheTorah.com gives wise and compassionate counsel while spreading Torah far and wide.

Dr. Hacham

Isaac S. D. Sassoon

A Model for Christian Students of the Bible

TheTorah.com offers Christians helpful models for how to engage Scripture with intellectual rigor in a manner that can enhance their own faith.


Peter Enns

Embracing the Tension between Traditional and Critical Scholarship

Exposing readers to modern critical scholarship and traditional Jewish commentary, not treating them as mutually exclusive, is one of TheTorah.com’s most significant contributions.

Prof. Rabbi

Marty Lockshin

Pursuing Truth: Our Responsibility Beyond Orthodox Identity

Every age offers examples of the tension between those who welcome new insights and those who uncritically repeat and elaborate on outworn models.

Dr. Rabbi

Norman Solomon

You Don’t Have to Check Your Brains at the Door

One of modern Judaism’s primary challenges is the lack of educated Jews. TheTorah.com plays a vital role in addressing this issue and making substantial strides toward a solution.

Prof. Rabbi

Tamara Cohn Eskenazi

Renewing the Torah’s Authority

It is time to cut the shackles of encrusted conventions that anchor the Torah in a previous civilization, and that threaten to drag it down to oblivion.

Dr. Rabbi

Irving (Yitz) Greenberg

Torah for an Interconnected and Changing World

A Shavuot tribute to TheTorah.com on its 8th anniversary (and my 88th birthday).

Dr. Rabbi

Norman Solomon

Clergy for TheTorah.com

Many hundreds of rabbis and clergy use TheTorah.com as a resource. I am committed to help support it. Will you join me?


Ron Stern

Coronavirus: What We Can Learn from the Bible and the ANE

An expert in ancient Near Eastern contagious diseases reflects on living through a modern one.


Yitzhaq Feder

A Campus Rabbi Comes to Terms with Biblical Criticism

After years of yeshiva education and even Orthodox semicha, encountering biblical criticism was a shock to my system. However, my initial fear and disorientation gave way to a new bottom-line understanding of Torah, and it has become part of the message that I use to inspire my students on campus.


Daniel Levine

When a Teacher Believes Biblical Criticism Is Worse Than Pornography

In a Modern Orthodox school in the Tri-State Area, a Jewish day school sophomore is publicly rebuked and shamed by his rabbi for reading academic biblical scholarship.


Confessions of an Interloper: Bible Criticism from the Sidelines

“Bible criticism can ruin only a faith that has already been weakened.” – Emmanuel Levinas, “The Spinoza case”

Prof. Rabbi

Shaul Magid

Biblical Studies: No More Corrupt Than Any Other Discipline

A response to Joshua Berman’s critique of academic biblical scholarship, “The Corruption of Biblical Studies.” This reply is self-standing, but you are encouraged to read his piece before reading this response.


Marc Zvi Brettler

The First Source-Critical Bar Mitzvah Speech?

This is an actual bar mitzvah speech delivered by a Modern Orthodox boy at his bar Mitzvah.

Editorial Staff

Facing Our Past

Biblical scholarship as archaeo-psychology sheds light on the development of moral and religious awareness. We can either run from it or learn from it.

Dan Sofer

Academic Biblical Studies, the 71st Face of the Torah

The need for rational-critical approaches to Scripture, in the popular Israeli discussions of the weekly parasha.


Yair Hoffman

Reaching Across the Great Divide

Archaeology Review September / October 2013


Marc Zvi Brettler