An Interview with Dr. Tova Ganzel

On the religious challenge of academic biblical scholarship. Highlighting the new Hebrew book People of Faith and Biblical Criticism


Tova Ganzel

The Odyssey of a Russian-Jewish Bible Scholar: Dr. Serge Frolov

Raised in the Soviet Union, with little or no Jewish identity, Serge Frolov came across the Bible as a young man, beginning his journey towards becoming a committed Jew and a Bible professor. In true Russian style, Dr. Frolov shares his views on how and when the Torah was written, Torah min ha-Shamayim, and his Soviet-colored experiences of Israel and Judaism.


Serge Frolov

Initiator of the Jewish Study Bible: A Modern Day Yitro

TABS Director, Rabbi David Steinberg, Interviews Donald Kraus, Executive Bible Editor at Oxford University Press


David D. Steinberg

A Religious Archaeologist: Ten Questions with Dr. Hayah Katz

On Pottery, Religious Faith, and the Challenges for Women in Archaeology


Hayah Katz

An Interview with Yossi Klein Halevi

On His Personal Experience with Bible Criticism

A Humanist and a Bible Scholar: Interview with Tzemah Yoreh

Interviewed by co-founder and director of Project TABS, David Steinberg

Dr. Rabbi

Tzemah Yoreh

An Israeli Tour Guide with a Ph.D. in Bible: Ten Questions with Dr. Dudu Cohen

On source criticism, Kadesh, Eretz Yisrael and his religious journey


David Ben-Gad HaCohen

Ten Questions with a (Recreational) Bible Scholar

Ben Zion Katz, M.D., author of A Journey Through Torah: A Critique of the Documentary Hypothesis, describes his interest in academic biblical scholarship and why, even so, he is skeptical of many of the guild’s conclusions.


Ben-Zion Katz M.D.

An Orthodox Approach: Dr. Deena Grant

An Orthodox Jewish Bible professor teaching in a Catholic college, asks students to follow her lead in delving deeply into faith and scripture.


Deena Grant

Ten Questions with Rabbi Zvi Grumet

A Jewish educator shares his thoughts about the struggles religious students are having with academic Bible and the need for a more sophisticated understanding of Torah


Zvi Grumet