An Interview with Dr. Tova Ganzel

On the religious challenge of academic biblical scholarship. Highlighting the new Hebrew book People of Faith and Biblical Criticism

The Odyssey of a Russian-Jewish Bible Scholar: Dr. Serge Frolov

Raised in the Soviet Union, with little or no Jewish identity, Serge Frolov came across the Bible as a young man, beginning his journey towards becoming a committed Jew and a Bible professor. In true Russian style, Dr. Frolov shares his views on how and when the Torah was written, Torah min ha-Shamayim, and his Soviet-colored experiences of Israel and Judaism.

Initiator of the Jewish Study Bible: A Modern Day Yitro

TABS Director, Rabbi David Steinberg, Interviews Donald Kraus, Executive Bible Editor at Oxford University Press


David D. Steinberg

A Religious Archaeologist: Ten Questions with Dr. Hayah Katz

On Pottery, Religious Faith, and the Challenges for Women in Archaeology

An Interview with Yossi Klein Halevi

On His Personal Experience with Bible Criticism

A Humanist and a Bible Scholar: Interview with Tzemah Yoreh

Interviewed by co-founder and director of Project TABS, David Steinberg

Dr. Rabbi

Tzemah Yoreh

An Israeli Tour Guide with a Ph.D. in Bible: Ten Questions with Dr. Dudu Cohen

On source criticism, Kadesh, Eretz Yisrael and his religious journey

Ten Questions with a (Recreational) Bible Scholar

Ben Zion Katz, M.D., author of A Journey Through Torah: A Critique of the Documentary Hypothesis, describes his interest in academic biblical scholarship and why, even so, he is skeptical of many of the guild’s conclusions.

An Orthodox Approach: Dr. Deena Grant

An Orthodox Jewish Bible professor teaching in a Catholic college, asks students to follow her lead in delving deeply into faith and scripture.


Deena Grant

Ten Questions with Rabbi Zvi Grumet

A Jewish educator shares his thoughts about the struggles religious students are having with academic Bible and the need for a more sophisticated understanding of Torah

Q & A with Dr. Baruch J. Schwartz

by Howard Blas (April 2009)