Israel-Hamas War

To See the Enemy’s Family

“But… if it came to light, when my rival appeared, that he had a mother waiting for him....”


Gili Kugler


Rescuing Captives: From Abraham to David

When his nephew Lot is taken captive, Abram, known for his faith, acts decisively without divine consultation. David, renowned as a warrior, turns to God for guidance before saving his wives and the citizens of Ziklag, captured in an unexpected raid.


Edward L. Greenstein


Virtue Signaling or Speaking Out: Ezekiel versus Jeremiah

Jeremiah lived among his people and desperately wished to save them from a grievous error. Ezekiel lived far away from Judah and communicated his message for the record.

Dr. Rabbi

Zev Farber


The Flood of Regret

When God sees the evil of humanity, God is sorrowful in his heart (Genesis 6:6) and destroys humanity in a flood, only to regret it afterwards. Promising never to destroy humanity again, God takes a new approach.  


Hanan Schlesinger