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Tu B'Av

15th of the Month of Av

The Wood Offering Celebration – “As Written in the Torah”

Bringing wood for the altar was an important celebration in Second Temple times. To ground this practice in the Torah, Nehemiah (10:35) describes it as a Torah law, while the Temple Scroll (11Q19) and the Reworked Pentateuch (4Q365) include it in their biblical festival calendar.


Alex P. Jassen



Remedying Biblical Trauma with a Festival of Love

A Roman foundation myth is highly reminiscent of the abduction of the dancing girls in the book of Judges: A closer look at the Talmud’s description of Tu B’Av reveals a revolutionary, therapeutic recasting of the traumatic biblical story.

Dr. Rabbi

Shraga Bar-On



Yom Kippur: A Festival of Dancing Maidens

Staff Editors



The Story of the Concubine at Gibeah: A Satire on King Saul

Why is the Benjaminite city of Gibeah portrayed as another Sodom—and who is the anonymous Levite from Ephraim who arrives there with his concubine?


Sara Milstein



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