Karen Strand Winslow
Azusa Pacific University

Prof. Karen Strand Winslow is professor emeritus of Biblical and Theological Studies at Azusa Pacific Seminary/Azusa Pacific University. She received her Ph.D. in Near and Middle Eastern Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Washington in 2003. Her research interests include biblical interpretation, the formation of Scripture, early Judaism, women in religion, the science and religion, and ethnicity and identity formation, especially as reflected in texts and traditions of Judaism and Christianity. She is the author of Exogamist Marriage and Ethnic Identity: Early Jewish and Christian Memories of Moses’ Wives (2005) and Imagining Equity: The Gifts of Christian Feminist Theology (2021). She has also written commentaries on 1–2 Kings (2017), Esther, and Isaiah (2018–2020), and she co-edited the Wesley Study Bible (2009), Relational Theology: Issues and Implications (2013), and the Global Wesleyan Theological Dictionary (2013).

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June 27, 2023

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