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Cave of the Patriarchs

מערת המכפל

Jacob’s Multiple Death Scenes

Bringing Parashat Vayechi to Life

Dr. Rabbi

Zev Farber



How Silver Was Used for Payment

Abraham purchases the cave of Machpelah for 400 silver shekels. Biblical phrases, archaeological finds, and chemical analysis come together to paint a portrait of how early trade using silver functioned before the invention of coins.

Tzilla Eshel



The Ancient City of Hebron

Hebron plays a central role in many biblical stories. It was the prominent city in the Judean highlands, with large fortifications in the Early Bronze, Middle Bronze, and Iron Ages. During the Second Temple period, Hebron was occupied by the Idumeans. Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered large mikvaot (ritual baths), indicating that the inhabitants embraced Judaism.


David Ben-Shlomo



Mourning for Jacob at Goren ha-Atad

Why was Jacob’s funeral procession across the Jordan?


David Ben-Gad HaCohen



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