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Wilderness, Camp

How Many Trumpet Blasts to Travel? MT+SP=LXX

YHWH instructs Moses to sound a teruah blast to get the eastern camp to travel, and a second for the southern camp. What about the western and northern camps? The answer can be found by comparing the Masoretic Text, the Samaritan Pentateuch, and the Septuagint: It was a parablepsis.

Dr. Rabbi

Zev Farber



Finding the Source of Water in Marah

Why do the Israelites name their first stop Marah “Bitter Waters,” if the story is about how Moses miraculously made the water sweet?


David Ben-Gad HaCohen



The Message of the Non-Chronological Opening of Numbers

Is the focal point of the book the Camp or the Tabernacle?


Jonathan Grossman



The Sukkah and Its Symbolism

Rabbi Eliezer says that the sukkah is meant to remind us of the real booths from the wilderness period. Rabbi Akiba (surprisingly) suggests that it reminds us of the clouds of glory. What is at the heart of this debate?

Prof. Rabbi

Jeffrey L. Rubenstein



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