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TheTorah.com is the flagship website of Project TABS, a nonprofit 501(c)3 educational enterprise founded in 2012. We solicit original works of scholarship on the weekly Torah portion and Jewish holidays from noted academics. These essays are reviewed and edited by our in-house scholars, to ensure the highest academic standards as well as maximum readability for the general audience.

The Torah is the foundation of Judaism; how we study it shapes our future. By making contemporary biblical scholarship accessible and engaging, TheTorah.com provides an honest intellectual engagement with Torah. We believe this is key to fostering a more open, moderate society in the 21st century and beyond.

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Our Mission

Making academic biblical scholarship accessible and engaging to readers from all backgrounds.

Our Vision

Torah study informed and enriched by contemporary scholarship.



As of September 2019, our website has been completely revamped. Here is a brief tour of what’s new:

  • Torah Portion Pages - Every Torah portion now has its own page, with info on the parasha, featured topics, and a list of all essays on the parasha.
  • The Five Books - Pages for each of the Five Books of the Torah are organized around topics found in each book, with links to the Torah portions.
  • Holiday Pages - Essays on each of the holidays are organized and easily navigable by topic.
  • Scholarship and Faith - We now have pages with collected essays on Biblical Criticism, Modern Faith, Archaeology, Morality & Ethics, and more, highlighting academic scholarship as well as thought pieces grappling with faith and religious observance.
  • Individual Author Pages - Authors each have their own pages, including bio, their articles on TheTorah.com, and books written by the author.
  • Inline Footnotes - In addition to having the footnotes at the end of the article, you can view them as you read (desktop: on hover, mobile: on tap).
  • Article Topics - Articles are now tagged with related topics, which you can drill into and view other articles on that topic.
  • Browse Topics - You can browse and discover all topics on a single page.
  • Search - Research any subject easily with our improved search feature.
  • Citation Tool - Cite our articles in SBL and APA format.

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Credit: We would like to thank the talented team at Bagel Studio for their outstanding work in helping us to redesign and develop the site.