TheTorah.com’s mission is to make academic biblical scholarship accessible and engaging to readers from all backgrounds.

We solicit original essays on the Torah portion and holidays from academic scholars whose expertise includes history, archaeology, ancient Near Eastern studies, Egyptology, Semitic languages, textual criticism, and literary approaches.

These essays are reviewed and edited by our in-house scholars, to ensure the highest academic standards as well as maximum readability for the general audience. Thus far, TheTorah.com has published over 500 scholars and is the world’s leading educational platform for Torah study informed by contemporary scholarship.


TheTorah.com is the flagship website of Project TABS (Torah and Biblical Scholarship), a nonprofit 501(c)3 educational enterprise founded in 2012 to provide accessible academic scholarship of Judaism’s sacred texts. The project also publishes TheTorah.co.il and TheGemara.com.

We believe that academic scholarship both enriches and deepens our engagement with Jewish texts, and that it fosters a more open and moderate society. Read contemporary perspectives on the benefits of studying Torah with modern biblical scholarship.

The Torah is the foundation of Judaism;
how we study it shapes our future.


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