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R. Joseph Hertz

Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom from 1913 until his death in 1946

Torah from Heaven: Redefining the Question

Many Orthodox Jews believe that God composed the Torah, and feel no need to inquire further. Nevertheless, it does occurs to me to inquire further, and find a respectful answer to the question of how people, including myself, come to this belief. An honest question beats a dishonest answer, even if the dishonest answer produces much more comfort.

Dr. Rabbi

Eliezer Finkelman



Bible Scholarship in Orthodoxy

Reflections on teaching biblical criticism in the classroom; a talk given at the Edah conference (2005).


Eric Grossman



Torah Min HaShamayim: Conflicts Between Religious Belief and Scientific Thinking


Daniel Jackson



Despoiling the Egyptians: A Concerning Jewish Legacy?

19th century Anglo-Jewish translators defended the Israelites’ behavior against the King James translation’s perceived accusation that the Jews “borrowed” the Egyptians belongings and never returned them.


Leonard Greenspoon



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