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Moses, Strikes the Rock

Moses Pleads with God: Why Must I Die?

Moses, on his last day, recites two poems—the Song of Moses and Blessing of Moses (Deut 32, 33). In this spirit, the eighth century Tiberian Pinchas Hakohen poetically describes Moses excusing his sins and offering alternatives to his death.


Raymond P. Scheindlin



The Grain and Pomegranates of Mei Merivah (מי מריבה)

Faced with a lack of water, the Israelites complain to Moses that they “have no grain or pomegranates.” This narrative discontinuity together with other textual anomalies suggest that interwoven into the Merivah story is the missing opening verses of the non-Priestly spies story.

Dr. Rabbi

David Frankel



Moses: A Betwixt and Between Leader


Jill (Citron) Katz



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