A Thank You on Our 2nd Anniversary


May 21, 2015

RabbiDavid D. Steinberg


David D. Steinberg


A Thank You on Our 2nd Anniversary

Dear Readers, 

This Shavuot we celebrate our second anniversary. When we launched, we did not know who would be interested, but we believed that there was a dire need to engage the findings of academic scholarship. At the time, there was no venue for people who were thinking about these issues and looking for a more academically sound understanding of Torah and Judaism.

Project TABS (Torah and Biblical Scholarship) began with very limited seed money from personal friends. We had no idea who would support the project but we believed that the Jewish community would recognize its value and come through. 

Early on, we came up against various forms of opposition and skepticism. Fast-forwarding to two years later, we are delighted that approximately 150 Jewish scholars–rabbis, academics and Jewish leaders–have shared their ideas–their Torah–with our thousands of regular readers, including hundreds of rabbis from all movements.  

Lastly, recognizing that אם אין קמח אין תורה (“without bread there is no Torah”), we would like to thank Rebecca and Bennett Lindenbaum, Ray and Matthew Lindenbaum, and our many other supporters (some of whom wish to remain anonymous at this stage), without whom the project would not be possible.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,

Rabbi David D. Steinberg
Professor Marc Z. Brettler

Rabbi David D. Steinberg is the co-founder and director of - Project TABS. He learned in Manchester Yeshiva, Gateshead Yeshiva, and Mir Yeshiva. Steinberg took the Ner Le’Elef Rabbinical Outreach training course and moved to Huntington, NY in 2002 to work as an outreach rabbi for the Mesorah Center. In 2007 he joined Aish Hatorah NY as a Programs Director, managing their Yeshiva in Passaic and serving as a rabbi in their Executive Learning program. In 2012, he left his rabbinic post to create


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