The Practical Challenge of Torah Study That Transcends Denominations


September 13, 2017

RabbiDavid D. Steinberg


David D. Steinberg


The Practical Challenge of Torah Study That Transcends Denominations

Dear Reader,

Studying the Torah historically and contextually brings together people from a diverse range of religious backgrounds and commitments. (See’s list of Authors.) Academic study challenges us to transcend our communal affiliations and biases as we attempt to understand what the Torah and other biblical texts meant to the ancient Israelites, and thus, might mean to us.

On a practical level however, transcending denominations means that we don’t fit into an existing communal “box” for purposes of funding. You, and readers like you around the world, are our community.

So we are reaching out and asking for your support. Project TABS is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. We have been operating with just two full-time staff and a few part-time personnel. But in order for us to continue publishing pieces each week and developing new content, we need partners who will support our work.

If you read, I invite you to be a part of our effort and to consider giving back to this project, either on a one-time or monthly basis.

Or you can send us a check (Email info at for our mailing address). has operated for four consecutive years through the support of a small number of generous individuals to whom we are indebted. We are also grateful to our authors for sharing their expertise, and to our readers for making Torah and academic scholarship a reality.

Rabbi David D. Steinberg is the co-founder and director of - Project TABS. He learned in Manchester Yeshiva, Gateshead Yeshiva, and Mir Yeshiva. Steinberg took the Ner Le’Elef Rabbinical Outreach training course and moved to Huntington, NY in 2002 to work as an outreach rabbi for the Mesorah Center. In 2007 he joined Aish Hatorah NY as a Programs Director, managing their Yeshiva in Passaic and serving as a rabbi in their Executive Learning program. In 2012, he left his rabbinic post to create


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