Seeing the Letter Tet in a Dream: 9th Anniversary


June 2, 2022

RabbiDavid D. Steinberg


David D. Steinberg


Seeing the Letter Tet in a Dream: 9th Anniversary

The Hebrew letter Tet

The numerical value of the Hebrew letter tet is 9. The Talmud states (b. Bava Kamma 55a):

א"ר יהושע: הרואה טי"ת בחלומו סימן יפה לו…
Rabbi Yehoshua says: “If one sees the letter tet in his dream, it is a good sign for him…”
הואיל ופתח בו הכתוב לטובה תחילה שמבראשית עד "וירא אלהים את האור" (בראשית א:ד) לא כתיב טי"ת
The Torah introduces [the letter tet] in a context of “good,” as from the word bereshit, until the verse: “And God saw that the light was good (טוב)” (Genesis 1:4), the letter tet is not written. has been a dream come true, though one that also caused me many sleepless nights. It was achieved only through the efforts of a dedicated staff, the support of generous partners, the interest of many readers, and the scholarly contribution of more than 450 academics worldwide.

This Shavuot is’s 9th anniversary. I pray that it should be a good sign - that we merit to spread the light of Torah with contemporary knowledge for many years to come.

To continue to do our work, we need your support.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

Rabbi David D. Steinberg is the co-founder and director of - Project TABS. He learned in Manchester Yeshiva, Gateshead Yeshiva, and Mir Yeshiva. Steinberg took the Ner Le’Elef Rabbinical Outreach training course and moved to Huntington, NY in 2002 to work as an outreach rabbi for the Mesorah Center. In 2007 he joined Aish Hatorah NY as a Programs Director, managing their Yeshiva in Passaic and serving as a rabbi in their Executive Learning program. In 2012, he left his rabbinic post to create


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