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Saadia Gaon

Metempsychosis (Gilgul), Academic Study of Bible and the Meaning of Truth

Dr. Hacham

Isaac S. D. Sassoon



Rebekah Ran to her “Mother’s Household” - Where Was her Father?

Betuel, Rebekah’s father, mysteriously appears and disappears in the negotiations over Rebekah’s marriage.

Dr. Rabbi

Zev Farber



Daniel M. Zucker


What Is Prophecy?

An Exploration of the Views of Sa’adia Gaon, Judah Halevi, Ibn Ezra, and Maimonides


Haim (Howard) Kreisel



The Origins and Use of the 613 Mitzvot

The development of the idea that the Torah has 613 mitzvot: From Talmudic aggada, to geonic liturgy, to medieval enumerations.


Marc Herman



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