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Samuel, Book

The Dangerous Ark of the Book of Samuel

The ark of Shiloh is captured by the Philistines, but they soon send it back to Israel after they are struck by plague. The ark continues to wreak havoc along the way until it finds its final resting place in Jerusalem.

Dr. Rabbi

Tzemah Yoreh



Bathsheba the Kingmaker

Bathsheba first appears as the object of David’s lust, then as the mother of Solomon, who pleads with the king to make her son his heir. And yet, a close look at her actions shows her to be someone with agency, able to manipulate her husband and even her son to ensure Solomon’s safety and rule.


Carl S. Ehrlich



King David and Oedipus Rex

Reading the Succession Narrative as anti-monarchic Greek tragedy.


Richard Lederman



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